Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sunny Weather in February?

Washington has been having a bunch of sunny days lately. I know, huh? It's FEBRUARY. But don't tell Mother Nature. Apparently, she thinks it's May. It does a lot to improve spirits!

Yesterday I took Athena and Heather down to Tibbets Park for pitching practice. Heather was hard on Athena, but she is learning how to turn her groans into more constructive criticism. For example, instead of groaning the 10th time Athena dropped the ball (due to failure to use both hands), Heather would say "Use both hands". Although this does not seem like a big accomplishment, it is for Heather. She wants to help her sister become a better softball player, but she has no patience. I told her it's good experience to learn how to verbalize what she wants Athena to do without getting frustrated. Some day Heather wants to coach.

After pitching practice, Heather hit grounders to Athena and I backed up Athena. This was funny because 1. I can't see a thing without my contacts 2. I can't catch and 3. I throw like a girl. Both girls were practically rolling on the ground laughing at me. But we all had a really good time and I got some exercise too! Athena taught me how to throw properly (showing infinitely more patience with me than Heather just did with her). We ended up staying there for almost 2 hours.
Fun was had by all!

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