Monday, March 01, 2010

First Broken Bone(s)

On Tuesday, Steve and I decided to go to our favorite restaurant/pub, the Bellevue Rock Bottom. They were tapping a new beer and offering $2.00 22-oz. beers for their Mug Club members. Woo Hoo!

Coming down the stairs in the dark, I failed to notice a water bottle on one of the steps. I slipped on it and came down on my left leg, breaking two bones in the process. I have never felt such pain! Steve moved me to the couch, where I noticed my upper leg was pointing in one direction, and my lower leg was pointing in the opposite direction. Heather called 911 and I was transported to Overlake Hospital.

The nurses in the ER were good (although it did take them a couple attempts to get the IV going, which is unusual, because I have big veins). I was in so much pain (and probably shock) that my teeth were chattering. After a trip to the X-ray (and some morphine) I was told I would have to have surgery!

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