Friday, February 27, 2009

Yikes! Sheltie Mess

So, I love my dog. And it's a lucky thing, too. Yesterday I left a loaf of bread on the table for the girls to make their lunches with. Somehow, my short little dog managed to get that loaf down and eat the ENTIRE THING. (Yes, I am sad to say, it was a store-bought loaf because we already ate the homemade loaves I made last weekend. Still...I'm doing pretty well. I think I have only bought 3-4 loaves of bread since January 1st, compared to the 3-4 loaves a week I was buying before I decided to make my own. Anyway...)

I let the dogs out before I went to work and put Squearle in her crate. When I got home, I was informed that she had an "accident" and left a mess all over her crate and some parts of the house. EWWWW! I didn't get mad at her because I knew that if she went in her crate, she really couldn't help herself. She was just sick from eating a WHOLE LOAF OF BREAD. I did what any good dog owner would do: I held my nose, cleaned up the mess and gave her a bath. She usually squirms and makes a fuss during bathtime, but this time I think she was embarrassed and happy to get cleaned up, so she just let me go about my business without any hassle.

I am always struck by how small she actually is if you don't count all the fur.

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