Sunday, February 03, 2008

Happy 2008!

I know I'm over a month late for a New Year's post, but hey, I'm a very busy girl.

Life at the Benjamin household continues on without much slowing down. I am in my fifth quarter of the MBA program at Seattle University. This quarter I am taking "Business Ethics and Social Responsibility" and "Managerial Economics". Still struggling to remember all those math concepts from way back in 10th grade, but it's going ok for now. I am taking my classes in Bellevue this quarter, too, so the commute is a lot easier.

Mom is still living with us. I was trying to help her figure out a better solution to her health care problems, but so far we keep running into a brick wall. She earns too much to qualify for Medicaid, and she doesn't get social security so she can't get disability and start Medicare early. Her health continues to deteriorate and her doctors in Colorado are refusing to prescribe her medications. Sadly, I think she will be forced to return to Colorado next month to get medical care there. That won't help her long-term financial situation, but at least she has agreed to get the back operation she should have gotten about 5 years ago.

Steve is a saint in my eyes (most of the time). He has been very good about helping with my mom. He is probably going to drive her car back for her next month. He has also been doing a great job of "holding down the fort" while I am in class two days week. In spite of living with 5 women (and two dogs and a cat), he maintains his usual cheerful dispostion. He is very patient and helps me keep my sense of humor throughout these crazy-busy times. I love him for it! We just celebrated our 17th anniversary!

Hannah and Heather each have their own struggles in school. Hannah is brilliant and doesn't apply herself. I guess she doesn't think it's that important. Heather struggles in school and doesn't ask for help when she needs it. She has the attitude that if she ignores her problems, maybe they'll go away. I've tried to tell her that won't work, but she's almost 13 now, so she isn't convinced by my opinion.

Athena is doing great in school. She is a teacher's dream and she gets along famously with other students. She loves to read and do homework (GASP! I've never had a kid like that!). She had fun playing soccer last fall and is going to start softball in a few weeks. She also spends a lot of time playing with kids in the neighborhood.

Speaking of softball, Steve Heather and I are going to Las Vegas this month for a softball tournament. Heather has been working hard this winter with her new team, and we are all anxious to see how they are going to perform. Troy made a very cool banner for the team with everyone's names on it. The season officially starts in mid-March. Then my weekends will be filled up again. I am not sure where I will find the time to do all my homework. I'm going to try to choose low-maintenance classes for spring, if there is such a thing.

Hannah started her first "real" job last week. She is a "courtesy clerk" at our local Safeway. She is enjoying it so far and will definitely enjoy the spending money she earns. I think she is planning to save her money for a car. We'll see about that. First she has to get her license.

Here is a picture of us getting our Christmas tree in Snoqualmie. Hannah wasn't with us. She had play practice. (She was in her high school drama production of "Singin' in the Rain" this year).

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