Saturday, October 13, 2007

Washington Hustle

Heather's new softball team is fabulous! She has learned SO much since she joined. The coaches work the girls hard, but the girls really respect them. They have won two championships so far, they have played two tournaments at 14U (they are are 12U team) and are going to Las Vegas next month. Heather has been playing starting short stop. Today she made two diving plays for outs that were worthy of ESPN highlights. She is in a bit of a hitting slump against the faster 14U pitchers, but last weekend her batting average was .648, so I'm sure she'll be able to catch up soon.

Another cool side effect: the coaches are rewarding the team for good grades. Heather is much more motivated to do well in school this year. I think the confidence and work ethic she has learned from playing softball has been a major contributing factor.

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smrkdr said...

just went through the blog again. Haven't visited in a while, forgot it was here! Nice to see pics of the girls, can't believe how grown up everyone looks! Hope it's all going well with Betty.
Merry Christmas