Monday, January 22, 2007

Keep on Keepin' on

Steve and I started South Beach Diet in October. I have pretty much stuck to it and I've lost about 18 pounds. Steve did it for a while, lost over 30!! pounds and now he is kind of on-again, off-again. It is so frustrating how guys can just drop the pounds without even trying very hard! The thing that has been amazing to me is that I was FINALLY able to kick my Coke habit (a-Cola, that is). I was drinking up to 5 a day before, and now I have 1 a week. That probably helped a lot right there. Anyway, I am hoping to lose another 18 or so pounds by May and then KEEP it off during the summer. We'll see. I have never really dieted before, but I have heard that the hard part is not taking it off, but keeping it off. I sure like chocolate, (cookies, icecream, brownies, etc.) so it is going to be hard.

Here's the other cool thing: Dance Dance Revolution. We bought DDR pads for Athena for Christmas, but I have been using them ever since! (I especially like the Ultramix 3 disk). I can't help but to think that that has been a part of my success. I am so uncoordinated that I take about three times as many steps as are needed for any one dance, and all the moving does add up.

By the summer, I'd like to be back to size 9. It's really possible!

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debi said...

I wish you luck. It took me getting sick and put in the hospital to lose my weight. Don't go there!