Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Counting Blessings

Just before Christmas, we had a severe wind storm that toppled many of the giant cedar trees in our neighborhood. We were lucky that no one was seriously injured, but several of our neighbors had major property damage, and we were all without power for several days.
The tree in the background of this picture is what we ended up with this year. It reminds me of the tree from the "Charlie Brown Christmas". It is simply a large branch that was torn off one of our trees. We never got around to getting a real tree, so Heather and Athena crafted one from a branch, some sting, a hanger and some home made ornaments. It was creative and touching, really. This Christmas there were too many blessings to count, but top on my list is my wonderful family. I am grateful for the humor, creativity, patience and love of my husband and children in particular.


debi said...

You are truly blessed! The imagination it took for the girls to create a tree out of a branch is amazing.

Benjasmya said...

Thank you!