Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Softball Preview

March is a boring month. Nothing really happens in March and I am usually just waiting for the weather to warm up and softball to begin again. This past few days I did get out a little, which was nice (but exhausting)!

On Thursday, Athena's team got to go to the UW Softball game, the season home opener. Danielle Lawry pitched a perfect game. Athena and Heather got to tour the clubhouse and afterwards got Danielle's autograph. It was lots of fun. Athena loves her new teammates.

On Saturday, Heather's high school team played two scrimmage games at Kent Service Fields. They won both games. One was close; the other was not. I was impressed with the amount of respect the coaches showed for Heather! For one thing, she is the starting catcher (as a freshman). But, even more amazing, they put her in the #4 spot in the batting order and they haven't even seen her hit! She had the misfortune of getting bursitis right before tryouts and was told to rest her shoulder for 1-2 weeks. So by Saturday, she was ready to play, but the coaches had never really seen what she could do in practice. They just put her in based on her reputation. She did a terrific job, too!

I know that, as her mom, I am not an objective viewer. But I have to say that watching her play is really a thing of beauty. She has such a graceful swing. Her throw downs to second are amazingly quick and accurate. She just makes it all look so easy! The only thing I think that prevents her from being the perfect catcher is her shy personality. She cannot be loud, even when she tries, and she has to work at being more of a leader. But she did call one of the games on Saturday, which was a first. And she has more confidence this year than I have ever seen. This is going to be a breakout year for her...I can feel it!

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