Monday, August 25, 2008

Summer Recap

Ok. If you are not a softball fan, you might as well just stop reading now. Because our summer consisted of softball games, followed by more softball games, followed up by more softball games. Although some people might be burnt out by the amount of softball we have had this summer, we are truly excited by how the season turned out for Heather and her team. In fact, we had a whole week off this past week, and we don't really know how to act.
As you know, Heather played on the Washington Hustle team this year. They had a fabulous season, culminating in taking first place at NSA State, first place at ASA Metros and first place at NAFA Summer Nationals in Oregon.
Heather struggled during the middle of the season, but rallied to the very end for a strong finish. Her batting average for the last three tournaments was .410, including a walk-off double to win one game, third place in the home run derby contest and the MVP award at Summer Nationals! She also moved from right field to shortstop and made zero errors in the last 15 games.

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